Putin Launches Re-election Campaign Amid Ongoing Ukraine Conflict and Prisoner Exchange

Russian President Vladimir Putin has officially begun his re-election campaign, which could extend his tenure for another six years. This political move occurs amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, where a recent prisoner swap saw the return of around 200 soldiers and civilians from both sides. At a campaign event in Moscow, Putin claimed a US-made missile downed a Russian plane, calling for an international investigation. The event featured celebrities and public figures endorsing Putin, while the opposition, including former TV journalist Yarina Dunova, has been sidelined. In Ukraine, the town of Bakhmut is under severe Russian bombardment, with a special police unit working to evacuate civilians under dire conditions. Despite the challenges, Ukrainian forces continue to defend the town with limited military supplies.

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has commenced his re-election campaign.
  • Putin could remain in power for at least another six years if re-elected.
  • Russia and Ukraine engaged in a prisoner exchange, returning about 200 soldiers and some civilians.
  • Putin claims a US-made missile shot down a Russian military plane and demands an international investigation.
  • The campaign launch event in Moscow was attended by celebrities and public figures endorsing Putin.
  • Potential political rivals, such as Yarina Dunova, have been barred from running against Putin.
  • Many Russian citizens see no viable alternative to Putin due to the absence of significant opposition.
  • In Ukraine, the strategic town of Bakhmut is experiencing severe damage and civilian hardship due to Russian attacks.
  • A special police unit is working to evacuate the remaining civilians from Bakhmut.
  • Ukrainian forces are defending Bakhmut but face shortages of military supplies and ammunition.

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