President Biden Urges Israel to Protect Civilians in Potential Rafah Military Operation

US President Joe Biden has communicated concerns to Israel’s Prime Minister regarding a potential military operation in Rafah, Gaza, stressing the importance of a plan to protect civilians. Rafah, a city on the border with Egypt, has become a sanctuary for Palestinians displaced by the ongoing conflict since Hamas’s attacks on October 7th. Amidst escalating tensions, Biden joins international leaders urging caution and the prevention of civilian casualties.

  • US President Joe Biden warned Israel against launching a military assault on Rafah without a plan to protect civilians.
  • Rafah has become a refuge for Palestinians fleeing the Gaza bombardment since Hamas attacks on October 7th.
  • Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is preparing an evacuation plan for Rafah.
  • Conditions in southern Gaza are dire, with around 1.5 million Palestinian civilians forced into the area.
  • Israel claims it will create a safe haven for civilians in one of Gaza’s most dangerous regions.
  • Political tension is rising within Israel, with debates over the response to Hamas and the broader conduct of the war.
  • There is an absence of police and law enforcement in northern Gaza, leading to food convoys being attacked and increasing lawlessness.
  • UN reports suggest that the food aid is mostly being taken by unarmed young men, not Hamas militants.
  • President Biden insists Israel must not attack Rafah without ensuring civilian safety, raising questions about Israel’s response to this international concern.

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