Coalition Talks Begin as Pakistan’s Major Parties Respond to Election Without Clear Winner

Following Pakistan’s general election, which did not result in a clear winner, the second and third largest political parties are now in talks about forming a coalition government. This development has caused unrest among supporters of the former Prime Minister Imran Khan, whose affiliated independent candidates won the majority of seats. Protests have ensued, with allegations of election rigging, while legal challenges proceed in courts. The prospect of a coalition and the future political alignment of Khan’s supporters remain uncertain.

  • The general election in Pakistan did not produce a clear winner, prompting talks of a coalition government between the second and third largest parties.
  • Supporters of Imran Khan have protested the election results, claiming they were rigged.
  • Independent candidates affiliated with Khan’s PTI party secured the most seats, with BBC analysis indicating 93 out of 101 independent seats backed by Khan supporters.
  • Khan’s candidates ran as independents after the Electoral Commission did not recognize them due to alleged issues with internal party votes.
  • The coalition talks involve PMLN and PPP, parties that previously ousted Khan in a no-confidence vote in April 2022.
  • There are questions regarding whether Khan’s backers will remain independent, join smaller parties, align with larger parties, or continue their efforts to get their party recognized.
  • Protests have occurred in various cities, including Ralpindy, Lahore, and Karachi, with police dispersing protesters in Ralpindy using tear gas.
  • The scale of the protests remains limited, but there is growing frustration among Khan’s supporters on social media, raising questions about potential escalation.
  • Legal challenges to the election results are underway in courts.

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