UN Report Warns Over 40% of Protected Migratory Species Are in Decline

A recent UN Environment Programme report warns that migratory species are facing escalating threats of extinction due to hunting, fishing, pollution, and habitat destruction. Over 40% of migratory species that require international protection are declining in numbers, with marine animals facing the highest risk. Presented at a conference in Uzbekistan, the report emphasizes the need for increased conservation efforts, highlighting that migratory species, which traverse multiple countries, are particularly vulnerable to a variety of threats across their migratory paths.

  • Over 40% of migratory species listed for international protection are in decline.
  • Marine animals are at the greatest risk of extinction due to multiple threats.
  • The UN Environment Programme report was presented at a conference in Uzbekistan.
  • Migratory species face heightened risks as they cross different countries and regions.
  • Climate change, habitat loss, and overexploitation are among the top threats to these species.
  • Conservation efforts, such as creating protected areas, are crucial to safeguard migratory species.
  • The report serves as a wake-up call for governments and individuals to take action to preserve these vital species.

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