Greece Becomes First Christian Orthodox Country to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Greece has made a historic step by legalizing same-sex marriage, becoming the first Christian Orthodox country to do so. The Greek Parliament passed the marriage equality bill with a majority of votes, amidst celebrations from supporters outside the Parliament building. Despite opposition from the Orthodox Church and conservative factions, the bill saw bipartisan support and is seen as a milestone for LGBTQ rights in Greece and Southeast Europe.

  • Greece legalizes same-sex marriage with a parliamentary vote of 176 out of 300.
  • The legislation received support from various political parties, including parts of the governing center-right New Democracy party and left and center-left opposition parties.
  • Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who was reelected in the summer, fulfilled his pledge to push forward with marriage equality.
  • The Orthodox Church and more conservative sectors of society voiced strong opposition to the bill.
  • The law includes provisions for same-sex couples to marry and adopt but excludes surrogacy rights.
  • Greece is now the easternmost country in the EU and the only one in Southeast Europe to legalize same-sex marriage, ahead of Italy.
  • Despite internal divisions within the New Democracy party, the bill’s passage is expected to influence public opinion and societal attitudes towards LGBTQ individuals positively.
  • Adonis Georgiadis, a conservative faction leader within New Democracy, opposed the bill, highlighting party divisions.
  • This legislative move is anticipated to contribute to the decline of hate speech and violence against LGBTQ individuals in Greece, as observed in other countries with similar laws.
  • International reactions to Greece’s decision reflect the ongoing global discourse on LGBTQ rights and equality.

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