UN Reports 6 Million Ukrainians Displaced Following Russian Invasion

The United Nations reports that six million Ukrainians, predominantly women and children, have fled the country since the Russian invasion two years ago. In a recent account, two teenage survivors shared their harrowing experiences with politicians in London, recounting life under occupation and the terror of living through bombardments. The teens described the chilling effects of missile sounds, the fear induced by Russian soldiers, and witnessing violence and torture against fellow citizens.

  • Six million Ukrainians have fled the country since the Russian invasion, according to the UN.
  • Two teenage survivors from occupied Ukrainian territories shared their experiences in London.
  • One of the teens from Mariupol described the city being besieged and the impossibility of returning home.
  • The other teen from the south of Ukraine recounted seven months of occupation and the constant threat of shelling.
  • Russian soldiers are accused of targeting civilians, though Russia denies these claims.
  • Survivors witnessed acts of violence and torture, including beatings and people being forced to strip.
  • Veronica’s family had to cross the Dnipro river on a makeshift ferry after the bridge was bombed.
  • Despite their traumatic experiences, the survivors express a desire to maintain hope and continue smiling.

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