NATO Allies Reject Deploying Combat Troops to Ukraine Despite Ongoing Support

NATO allies have voiced their positions on the deployment of troops to Ukraine, with a general agreement against sending ground forces. During a summit in Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron noted the lack of consensus for an endorsed ground troop presence but suggested that all options should remain on the table to prevent a Russian victory. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz expressed frustration with this stance, emphasizing a focus on providing more weapons, ammunition, and air defense to Ukraine, rather than troop deployment. Other European countries, including Spain, Italy, Poland, and the Czech Republic, have echoed similar statements. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian clarified that France might consider sending troops for non-combat roles, such as mine clearance and cyber support. Additionally, the summit resulted in decisions to use shared EU funds for artillery purchases from non-EU suppliers and to prioritize support in five areas, including cyber defense and border protection.

  • NATO members lack consensus on sending ground troops to Ukraine.
  • France suggests keeping all options open to ensure Russia does not win the war.
  • German Chancellor expresses frustration and calls for more non-troop support for Ukraine.
  • European countries agree on no ground troop deployment but emphasize the need for increased military aid.
  • France may send troops for non-combat roles like mine clearance and cyber support.
  • EU funds are approved for artillery purchases from non-EU suppliers.
  • Priority areas include cyber defense, joint weapon production, defense of Moldova, protection on the Ukraine-Belarus border, and mine clearance.

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