Putin Addresses Nation, Claims Defensive Gains in Ukraine and Warns of Nuclear Arsenal Readiness

In his annual state of the nation address, Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the risks of nuclear war and accused the West of provoking the conflict in Ukraine. He thanked the Russian Armed Forces for their efforts in what he called a defensive operation in Ukraine, yet omitted any discussion on the conditions for ending military action in Ukraine. Putin warned Western countries supporting Ukraine about the consequences of potential military involvement in the region and emphasized that Russia possesses nuclear weapons capable of targeting Western territories.

  • Vladimir Putin delivered his state of the nation address, highlighting the risks of nuclear conflict and Western provocation in the war in Ukraine.
  • Putin expressed gratitude towards the Russian Armed Forces and their families for their actions in Ukraine, describing the operation as defensive.
  • The Russian president warned against NATO military contingents in Ukraine, suggesting severe consequences and highlighting Russia’s nuclear capabilities.
  • He asserted that Russian forces are making progress in Ukraine and issued warnings to the West regarding further involvement.
  • Putin stated that Russia’s nuclear arsenal was in full combat readiness and that Russia has the capability to strike Western nations on their territory.
  • The speech, anticipating the upcoming presidential elections in Russia, focused on domestic initiatives to improve infrastructure and the economy.
  • No mention was made of the Russian opposition or the recent death of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
  • Putin highlighted the advancements in Russian weapons development, including the use of Hypersonic missiles.
  • The upcoming presidential election in Russia is seen as a certain victory for Putin, given his control over the electoral and legal systems.

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