BBC Investigation Exposes Seller of Lethal Chemical Linked to Online Suicide Forum

A BBC investigation has led to the tracking down of a poison seller in Ukraine, who is linked to a suicide forum. The report follows David Parfit, whose son, Tom, ended his life after purchasing a poisonous chemical from a now-imprisoned Canadian man named Chef Kenneth Lore. Despite Lore’s arrest, the forum remains active, and other sellers like Leonid Zotenko have filled the gap. Parfit ordered the same chemical from Zotenko to test the system, and although the authorities are monitoring purchases, the poison still reached him. BBC confronted Zotenko, who admitted to sending parcels to the UK weekly, and had a lab test confirm the lethality of the chemical sold.

  • David Parfit’s son, Tom, committed suicide using a poison he purchased after learning about it on a pro-suicide forum.
  • The poison seller originally linked to Tom’s death, Chef Kenneth Lore, is in prison in Canada facing 14 counts of murder.
  • Despite efforts by authorities, the suicide forum is still active, and other sellers like Leonid Zotenko are operating.
  • David Parfit was able to purchase the same chemical from a new seller to test the purchase and delivery system.
  • Authorities conducted a welfare check on Parfit before the chemical arrived, indicating some level of monitoring.
  • Leonid Zotenko, based in Ukraine, admitted to sending parcels containing the poison to the UK and other countries.
  • BBC confronted Zotenko as he was posting parcels, which he claimed did not contain poison.
  • A lab test conducted in London confirmed that the substance sold by Zotenko could be lethal if ingested.
  • Over three years, over 150 cases involving the chemical have been analyzed, indicating a wider issue.
  • The investigation highlights ongoing concerns about the accessibility of poisonous substances and the impact on families.
  • Despite the exposure, Zotenko continues his trade in Ukraine.

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