Mourners Gather as Alexei Navalny’s Funeral Begins in Moscow Amid Heavy Police Presence

The funeral of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has commenced in Moscow amidst a substantial police presence and reported state-imposed obstacles. Despite challenges in organizing the event, including difficulties in acquiring a hearse and a venue for the wake, mourners have gathered at a church on the outskirts of Moscow to pay their respects. The service is being held where Navalny and his family lived. Various foreign diplomats have arrived to offer their condolences, while Russian authorities maintain a stance of non-engagement regarding the funeral. There has been no official comment from the Kremlin, and any signs of political protest are being closely monitored by authorities. Navalny, who died in an Arctic prison under controversial circumstances, has become a symbol of opposition to the Russian government.

  • Hundreds of mourners gathered in Moscow for Alexei Navalny’s funeral.
  • Heavy police presence reported, with masked guards and perimeter fencing.
  • Service held at a church on the outskirts of Moscow, where Navalny lived.
  • Organizers faced difficulties, such as getting the body, a hearse, and a wake venue.
  • Kremlin’s spokesperson declined to comment on the funeral to reporters.
  • Navalny died in prison; his wife alleges he was killed on Putin’s orders.
  • No reports of arrests at the funeral, but authorities warned against political protests.
  • Western ambassadors, including from Germany, France, and the U.S., attended the funeral.
  • Russian TV is not covering the funeral; Navalny’s team is live-streaming the event on YouTube.
  • Authorities imposed bans on photography and video recording inside the church.
  • Supporters of Navalny attending the funeral are defying the authorities’ restrictions.
  • Reports suggest possible jamming of mobile communications in the area.
  • Mourning for Navalny is considered an act of defiance, with previous arrests following memorial tributes.

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