Inside the Sistine Chapel: BBC News Examines Post-Visitor Maintenance and Preservation Efforts

The Sistine Chapel is undergoing its annual maintenance to preserve Michelangelo’s frescoes, as reported by BBC News. The team inspects alterations and damage caused by the high number of visitors, which can lead to increased humidity and carbon dioxide levels that affect the artwork. To protect the chapel’s priceless art, experts use advanced technology for diagnostics and restoration, while also recalibrating LED lights for optimal color balance. This maintenance is particularly crucial as the Vatican anticipates even more visitors during the upcoming Jubilee in December.

  • The Sistine Chapel is undergoing yearly maintenance to preserve the integrity of Michelangelo’s frescoes.
  • Art conservators assess alterations and lightening of the frescoes to understand the damage caused by environmental factors.
  • Excessive tourist traffic, which can reach 25,000 visitors a day, contributes to increased humidity and carbon dioxide levels that affect the artwork.
  • Advanced technology, including sensors, air conditioning systems, and high-resolution imaging, is utilized to protect and maintain the chapel’s art.
  • Restoration experts perform comprehensive checkups, including the calibration of LED lights to ensure proper color representation.
  • The Vatican is preparing for the Jubilee in December, anticipating an influx of visitors and emphasizing the importance of balancing preservation with public access.

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