France Officially Enshrines Abortion Rights in Constitution

France has held a ceremonial event led by President Emmanuel Macron to officially enshrine a woman’s right to abortion in the country’s constitution. The amendment was passed by the French parliament on Monday, marking France as the first country to constitutionally guarantee such a right. Although the amendment was already voted through, the ceremony symbolically sealed the change, which will be formally enacted once published in the official journal. The event included a traditional sealing process, a speech by President Macron, and a public celebration in Paris.

  • French President Emmanuel Macron led a sealing ceremony to enshrine abortion rights in the constitution.
  • Abortion was decriminalized in France 50 years ago, and the recent amendment cements the right constitutionally.
  • France becomes the first country to guarantee a woman’s right to abortion in its constitution.
  • The parliamentary vote took place on Monday, but the formal enactment awaits publication in the official journal.
  • The ceremony included the traditional use of hot wax and a tricolor ribbon to seal the constitutional amendment.
  • The event was marked by speeches, a rendition of the Marseillaise by a renowned singer, and a public gathering of supporters.
  • Despite the ceremony being mostly symbolic, it represents a public and official acknowledgment of the change.
  • The French government and much of the public view the amendment as a positive and progressive step.
  • While there is opposition to abortion in France, any skepticism about the amendment is often subdued to avoid appearing anti-women’s rights.
  • France aims to lead by example on social issues, with the message that women’s rights should reach their logical conclusion by being constitutionally protected.

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