Ramadan Commences in Gaza Amidst Warnings of Potential Mass Starvation and Ongoing Conflict

Ramadan has begun for Palestinians amidst continued conflict between Israeli forces and Hamas in Gaza. The United Nations has warned of potential mass starvation in the region, indicating that 25% of the population is at risk and that 23 people, the majority children, have died from malnutrition. Despite attempts, a humanitarian ceasefire has not been reached. An aid ship in Cyprus, part of an initiative by the EU, the UK, the US, and others to establish a maritime aid corridor, has experienced delays and has yet to set sail for Gaza. Aid efforts currently fall short of what is necessary, with road transport of aid remaining the most efficient yet challenging method due to infrastructure damage and security risks.

  • Ramadan begins for Palestinians amid ongoing conflict between Israeli forces and Hamas.
  • The UN warns of potential mass starvation in Gaza, with 25% of the population at risk.
  • 23 deaths from malnutrition in Gaza reported, majority being children.
  • No humanitarian ceasefire achieved despite open channels of communication.
  • An aid ship in Cyprus, part of a new maritime aid corridor initiative, faces delays.
  • Current aid is insufficient, with an estimated need for 600 trucks a day versus the 100 trucks that were arriving in February.
  • Road transport of aid remains the most efficient method, but it’s heavily restricted and complicated by destroyed infrastructure and security issues within Gaza.
  • World leaders have repeatedly called for a humanitarian ceasefire to facilitate aid delivery and safety for civilians.
  • Scuffles reported in East Jerusalem as younger Palestinians tried to reach the al-Aqsa mosque compound to pray.
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