Aid Ship Departs Cyprus for Gaza, Establishing New Maritime Aid Corridor

The first aid ship has set sail from Cyprus to Gaza, marking the beginning of a new maritime aid corridor aimed at alleviating the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The vessel, operated by American charity World Central Kitchen, is carrying 200 tons of aid including flour, rice, and pre-prepared meals to northern Gaza. Despite this aid shipment, there is a significant discrepancy between the aid needed and what is being provided. Additionally, the U.S. military plans to construct a floating harbor off the coast of Gaza to facilitate the offloading of larger civilian ships carrying container loads of aid.

  • The first aid ship left Cyprus for Gaza this morning, carrying 200 tons of humanitarian supplies.
  • American charity World Central Kitchen is operating the vessel, named Open Arms, to deliver the aid.
  • The journey is expected to take about 50 hours due to the nature of the ship and cargo.
  • Gaza’s infrastructure has been severely damaged, making unloading and distributing aid a challenge.
  • A makeshift jetty is being constructed from debris to allow the ship to dock in northern Gaza.
  • World Central Kitchen has 60 kitchens across Gaza for distributing meals.
  • The aid provided by the ship is only a fraction of what Gaza needs; the UK estimates 500 trucks of aid are needed daily.
  • The U.S. military is set to build a floating harbor to offload large-scale aid shipments off the Gaza coast.
  • Logistical details are still unclear, including coordination and security once the aid reaches shore.
  • The construction of the floating harbor follows a proposal by President Biden during his State of the Union Address.
  • There is ongoing pressure on Israel to allow more land crossings to facilitate road-based aid delivery into Gaza.

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