Exploring the Impact of AI and Deepfake Technology on Global Politics

Recent trends indicate a growing use of AI and deepfake technology in politics, not only by malicious actors but also by politicians themselves. Public figures such as Taylor Swift, Joe Biden, and Sadiq Khan have been targeted by deepfakes, raising concerns about the spread of misinformation. In a striking development, New York Mayor Eric Adams admitted to using deepfake technology for automated calls in various languages to promote city-owned venues. Civil rights advocates warn that such actions set a dangerous precedent, potentially undermining public trust in government and institutions. This phenomenon is not confined to the West, with instances in India, Indonesia, and Argentina revealing the global scale of AI’s political application and the associated risks.

  • Deepfake technology is being used to create fake images and recordings of celebrities and politicians, leading to misinformation.
  • New York Mayor Eric Adams has used deepfake technology to make automated calls in multiple languages to residents.
  • Civil rights and privacy activists express concern over the precedent set by politicians using deepfakes, fearing an erosion of trust in public announcements.
  • Global examples of political deepfake use include a BJP candidate in India speaking in languages he doesn’t know and an Indonesian candidate endorsed by a deepfake of a deceased leader.
  • Political use of AI may lead to increased distrust in media and politicians, with an estimated 2 billion people voting in elections worldwide this year.
  • There is a significant concern that the normalization of deepfakes by politicians could lead to more widespread abuse of the technology.

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