AI Tool Identifies Breast Cancer Missed by Doctors in Scotland NHS Trial

An artificial intelligence tool named Mia, tested in Scotland, has been credited with detecting breast cancer tumors in 11 women that were missed by human doctors. Mia was piloted alongside NHS clinicians and examined the mammograms of over 10,000 women, showing promising results in reducing diagnosis times and potentially lightening the workload for human specialists who currently analyze up to 10,000 scans annually. The AI’s early detection capabilities could lead to less invasive treatments and lower patient anxiety during the waiting period for results.

  • The AI tool Mia identified breast cancer tumors in 11 women which had been overlooked by doctors.
  • Mia was tested in collaboration with National Health Service (NHS) clinicians in Scotland.
  • Over 10,000 women’s mammograms were analyzed during the pilot.
  • Dr. Gerald Lip led the first NHS evaluation of Mia, noting its potential as a second opinion in breast cancer diagnosis.
  • With AI assistance, the turnaround time for mammogram results could potentially decrease from 14 days to 3 days, reducing patient anxiety.
  • Early detection by Mia resulted in less invasive treatment for a patient named Barbara, who might have waited 3 more years for a traditional diagnosis.
  • While AI shows promise in early detection, it currently struggles with overdiagnosis and is not allowed to evolve its learning while in use due to health guidelines.
  • The technology is still under research and was developed by medical firm Kheiron, powered by Microsoft computing.
  • Experts anticipate that within five years, AI could be a routine part of cancer diagnosis.
  • Human specialists currently analyze up to 10,000 scans yearly, and AI like Mia could potentially reduce this workload.

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