Google Fined €250 Million for Using News Content to Train AI Without Agreements

France has fined Google 271 million euros for not negotiating fair deals with media outlets and using their content to train AI technologies without proper agreements. This issue is part of a broader discussion on whether AI models necessarily require copyrighted material for training, as suggested by companies like Open AI. However, a group backed by the French government has released a public domain text-based dataset, proposing an alternative way to train AI without infringing on copyrights. Additionally, the UN General Assembly is voting on a resolution to ensure the equitable global development of AI technology. Meanwhile, Ubisoft has developed an experimental AI Avatar for real-time interaction, and an Uber Eats delivery worker rewrote the app’s code to correct persistent payment errors.

  • Google fined 271 million euros by France for failing to negotiate fair agreements with news media over the use of their content in AI training.
  • Open AI and other major AI companies face similar issues of using copyrighted material to train their AI models.
  • Researchers provide an alternative AI training dataset composed entirely of public domain texts, which could be used for specific use cases like legal firms.
  • The United Nations General Assembly is voting on the first resolution on AI to bridge inequities between developed and developing countries in AI advancement.
  • Ubisoft’s experimental AI Avatar shows potential for future real-time interaction in gaming and other applications.
  • An Uber Eats delivery worker developed a tool to calculate accurate payment for gig workers, challenging the app’s opaque payment algorithms.
  • Authors Salman Rushdie and musician James Blunt express skepticism over AI’s ability to replace human creativity in writing and songwriting.

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