US Justice Department Sues Apple for Alleged Smartphone Market Monopoly

In a significant legal move, the US government, supported by 16 states, has filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging that the company is maintaining a monopoly in the smartphone market by hindering the growth of competing apps and diminishing the appeal of rival products. Apple, which boasts over a billion iPhone users worldwide and garnered more than $150 billion in revenue from iPhone sales last year, denies the accusations. The tech giant contends that the lawsuit will compromise its ability to innovate, setting the stage for an intense courtroom battle over its market practices.

  • The US Department of Justice, along with 16 states, has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple.
  • Apple is accused of maintaining a smartphone market monopoly by suppressing competition and reducing the attractiveness of alternative products.
  • More than a billion people globally use iPhones, contributing to Apple’s significant revenues.
  • Apple’s response to the lawsuit claims that it threatens the company’s ability to protect customers and innovate.
  • The forthcoming legal dispute will examine if Apple is safeguarding its customer base or impeding their ability to switch to other products.
  • This lawsuit is part of a broader movement to reinforce antitrust law enforcement in the United States.

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