Putin Announces Detainment of Moscow Concert Hall Attackers Near Ukrainian Border

Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed the detention of individuals responsible for a recent attack on a concert hall in Moscow, with allegations that they were apprehended while attempting to flee towards Ukraine. The incident, which has become one of the most serious attacks in Moscow in years, involved gunmen entering the venue and opening fire, resulting in numerous casualties and sparking a fire. The attack has prompted an investigation into its origins, with a political ally of Putin suggesting it may have been orchestrated from Ukrainian territory.

  • President Putin announced that all attackers involved in the concert hall shooting have been detained.
  • The attack took place on the outskirts of Moscow, resulting in a fire and numerous casualties.
  • Footage and mobile phone videos from the scene have been analyzed by BBC Verify, showing the chaos and violence that unfolded.
  • There is an ongoing investigation into the attack’s origins, with some suggestions pointing towards Ukrainian involvement.
  • Putin’s political ally, Sergey Markov, implied that the attack might have been planned for March 9th but was postponed due to heightened security measures.
  • Questions have been raised about why Russian security services did not prevent the attack if there were prior warnings.

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