British Man Dies, Several Critically Injured After Severe Turbulence Hits Singapore Airlines Flight

A 73-year-old British man died, and seven others were critically injured during a Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore after the aircraft hit severe turbulence. The incident, described as the worst in a crew member’s 30-year career, led to the plane being diverted to Bangkok. Passengers recounted the sudden plunge of the aircraft, which resulted in injuries and the scattering of items throughout the cabin. Emergency services met the aircraft upon landing, highlighting the severity of the situation.

  • A 73-year-old British man died, and seven people sustained critical injuries due to severe turbulence on a Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore.
  • The aircraft experienced a sudden drop of 6,000 feet over Thailand, causing passengers not wearing seat belts to be thrown into the ceiling.
  • The plane was diverted to Bangkok, where it landed at around 3:45 p.m. local time.
  • There were 21 passengers and 18 crew members on board at the time of the incident.
  • Emergency services awaited the aircraft upon landing, emphasizing the severity of the incident.
  • Images from inside the aircraft showed debris and open overhead lockers, illustrating the force of the turbulence.
  • Aside from the critically injured, there were 23 cases of medium injuries, including a flight attendant, and several minor injuries.
  • Experts and aviation consultants highlighted that while turbulence is common, the severity of this incident is rare and may be influenced by factors such as climate change.
  • An investigation will focus on the cockpit and flight data recorders to determine the causes and factors leading to the severe turbulence.
  • Advice to passengers includes always keeping the seat belt fastened while seated as a precaution against turbulence.

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