Whistleblowers Report Abuse of Palestinian Detainees in Israeli Hospital

A recent report has highlighted serious concerns regarding the treatment of Palestinian detainees from Gaza in an Israeli hospital. Whistleblowers, including medical workers, have disclosed to the BBC that these individuals are often kept shackled to their beds, blindfolded, sometimes naked, and forced to wear diapers. This practice, described by one medic as tantamount to torture, is defended by Israel’s Army on security grounds, stating handcuffing is necessary where a security risk exists, and diapers are used only for patients with limited mobility post-medical procedures. The allegations have sparked debate about the medical and ethical treatment of detainees classified as unlawful combatants.
  • Palestinian detainees from Gaza are routinely shackled, blindfolded, sometimes naked, and forced to wear diapers in an Israeli hospital.
  • One medic has described these practices as equivalent to torture.
  • Israel’s Army justifies handcuffing and the use of diapers on the grounds of security risk and medical necessity, respectively.
  • Allegations are centered on the treatment of detainees at a new field hospital at the State man military base.
  • Detainees are kept in a state that makes them wholly dependent on their caretakers, a practice described as dehumanizing.
  • The need to handcuff detainees in the medical facility is examined individually and daily, according to the Army.
  • Painkillers have reportedly been withheld, causing significant amounts of pain.
  • Many detainees are released without charge after their detention.
  • There is growing international concern and scrutiny over these practices, including potential actions by the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Israeli officials.
  • Israel’s response to ICC’s move has been strongly negative, challenging the court’s jurisdiction and legitimacy.

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