BBC Investigation Exposes Child Labour in Luxury Perfume Supply Chains

A BBC investigation has unveiled the troubling use of child labor within the luxury perfume industry, particularly in the jasmine trade in Egypt. Children, some as young as five, are found working under hazardous conditions for minimal pay, a stark contrast to the significant profits reaped by major companies in the sector. This report illuminates the disconnect between the industry’s public human rights commitments and its actual practices, revealing a hidden world of exploitation behind some of the world’s most luxurious scents.
  • Children, including those as young as five, are employed in dangerous conditions to pick jasmine flowers in Egypt, a key ingredient in luxury perfumes.
  • These child laborers earn as little as a dollar a day, while the companies involved make substantial profits.
  • The investigation highlights a significant gap between the perfume industry’s public commitments to human rights and their actual practices.
  • Jasmine oil, extracted from the flowers picked by children, is sold to international fragrance houses, ending up in products sold globally.
  • Despite the booming fragrance industry, which launched 3,000 new fragrances in 2022 alone, the workers at the bottom of the supply chain see very little of the profits.
  • The detrimental health effects on children working in these conditions are highlighted, including cases of severe allergies and other health issues.
  • Some of the world’s leading perfume brands are implicated in this chain, relying on jasmine oil sourced under these conditions.
  • The report urges consumers and companies alike to consider the human cost behind luxury perfumes and calls for greater transparency and ethical standards in the industry.

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