Benny Gantz Resigns from Netanyahu’s Cabinet, Urges for Elections Amidst Criticism of War Strategy

Benny Gantz, a leading figure in Israel’s war cabinet, has resigned and called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to conduct elections. Gantz criticized Netanyahu for hesitating and procrastinating on making crucial strategic decisions regarding Israel’s long-term strategy post the Gaza war. Gantz’s resignation, alongside his political ally Isaac CT, underscores a significant challenge to Netanyahu’s leadership, citing concerns over political considerations influencing decision-making and a lack of accountability for security failures.
  • Benny Gantz resigned from Israel’s war cabinet, urging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to hold elections.
  • Gantz criticized Netanyahu for lacking a clear long-term strategy for Israel after the Gaza war and accused him of hesitating on making important decisions due to political considerations.
  • The resignation followed an ultimatum given three weeks prior by Gantz to Netanyahu, demanding a plan for the day after the Gaza conflict ends.
  • Gantz, a former general and head of the army, alongside his political ally Isaac CT, also a former general, expressed concerns over Netanyahu’s leadership and the impact of political motives on strategic decisions.
  • The move by Gantz aims to initiate a process that could potentially lead to the collapse of Netanyahu’s government and trigger elections. Polls suggest Gantz could become Prime Minister if elections were held.
  • Netanyahu’s reliance on ultra-nationalist and far-right elements within his coalition, who favor continuing the conflict in Gaza and settling Jewish settlers in the area, might be strengthened by Gantz’s departure.

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