Violent Clashes Erupt in Buenos Aires as Argentina’s Senate Passes President Milei’s Controversial Reforms

Buenos Aires experienced significant unrest as Argentina’s Senate narrowly approved a series of economic reforms proposed by the country’s Libertarian president. These reforms, met with violent protests outside the Congress building, have sparked a deep division among Argentinians. Opponents argue that the new measures will lead to increased poverty and unemployment, while supporters believe they are essential for improving the nation’s economic prospects. The protests turned violent, with clashes between police and demonstrators leading to the use of water cannons, rubber bullets, and several arrests.

  • A series of economic reforms proposed by Argentina’s Libertarian president was narrowly passed by the Senate.
  • Violent protests erupted outside the Congress building, with demonstrators opposing the reforms which they believe will exacerbate poverty and unemployment.
  • Riot police responded to the protests with shields, motorcycles, water cannons, and rubber bullets. Several cars were set ablaze, and stones and petrol bombs were hurled at the police.
  • The reforms include over 200 articles covering tax reform, labor reform, and granting the president special powers in terms of security, energy, and pensions.
  • Violence on the day of the debate included the use of tear gas and rubber bullets against pensioners, journalists, and even lawmakers, with dozens of people arrested.
  • The bill now returns to the lower house for approval of the changes made by the Senate, with expectations of further protests.
  • Argentina is currently facing a dire economic situation, with 29% year-over-year inflation, rising poverty, increasing unemployment, and a significant recession.
  • There is an anticipation of escalating protests if the government continues to respond to demonstrators with police force.

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