UN Security Council Calls for Immediate End to Siege in Sudan’s Al Fasher to Avert Humanitarian Crisis

The UN Security Council has unanimously demanded an immediate cessation of the siege of Al-Fashir in Sudan, aiming to avert a humanitarian disaster. Over 1.5 million people are trapped in the city, facing critical shortages of food, water, and medical supplies. Despite 14 countries voting in favor, Russia abstained from the vote. The resolution comes amid grave concerns for the civilians’ safety and wellbeing, with warnings of potential famine and violence, including mass atrocities.
  • The UN Security Council has demanded an immediate end to the siege of Al-Fashir, Sudan, to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe.
  • More than 1.5 million people are currently sheltering in the city, with food, water, and medical supplies running critically low.
  • 14 countries supported the resolution, while Russia abstained from the vote.
  • Warnings have been issued by the UN about the dire situation, including potential famine and large-scale violence.
  • Residents of Al-Fashir report intense clashes, air strikes, and heavy shelling since May 10, contributing to the siege conditions.
  • Two of the three main hospitals in the city are closed due to attacks, leaving only one operational hospital struggling to cope with the medical needs.
  • Thousands are fleeing to Zam Zam Camp, exacerbating an already massive humanitarian crisis.
  • The UN resolution aims to draw international attention to the conflict and pressure supporting actors to cease violence.
  • There are concerns that Al-Fashir could fall to the RSF imminently, potentially leading to control over all five major cities in the Darfur region and escalating fears of ethnic cleansing and genocide.

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