International Paper Champions Forest Sustainability and Innovation in Packaging Industry

International Paper, a 125-year-old packaging and pulp company, emphasizes the critical role of forest sustainability in its operations, recognizing the changing dynamics around nature. The company focuses on sustainable fiber sourcing, enhancing biodiversity, and conserving water quality and quantity. It faces challenges in collecting data to demonstrate its environmental efforts but utilizes a geographic information system called Foresight for better forest management. International Paper is also adapting to emerging regulations and standards, ensuring their actions are verified, often with third-party certifications. Addressing concerns about cardboard production, the company advocates for producing packaging in environmentally responsible ways, such as using lighter, recycled, or certified materials, highlighting the role of renewable fiber-based packaging in decarbonization and circularity.

  • International Paper has been in business for 125 years, focusing on the sustainability of forests as a core aspect of its operations.
  • The company emphasizes sustainable fiber sourcing, enhancing biodiversity, and conserving water resources as key components of its environmental strategy.
  • Facing challenges in data collection to prove environmental efforts, International Paper developed the Foresight system for improved forest management practices.
  • International Paper is actively engaging with emerging regulations and ensuring their sustainability actions are verified through third-party certifications.
  • The company counters the critique of cardboard box production by focusing on manufacturing practices that prioritize environmental responsibility, such as using lighter, recycled, or certified materials.
  • International Paper views renewable fiber-based packaging as a key element in promoting decarbonization and circularity in the packaging industry.

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