Tragic Explosion at Illegal Gas Plant in Nairobi Kills Three, Injures Hundreds



A devastating gas explosion occurred in Nairobi, Kenya, resulting in at least three fatalities and hundreds of injuries. The incident took place at an unauthorized gas plant within a densely populated residential area, causing widespread destruction to homes and businesses and prompting evacuations. The explosion, triggered by a lorry carrying liquid petroleum gas, led to fires that quickly spread through the vicinity. The Kenyan government has pledged financial support for the victims and initiated a criminal investigation into the illegal operation of the gas storage and refilling site.

  • At least three people were killed and hundreds injured in a gas explosion in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • The explosion originated from an illegally operating gas plant.
  • Fires following the explosion destroyed homes and businesses, forcing residents to evacuate.
  • The explosion was caused by a lorry filled with liquid petroleum gas.
  • Victims reported being awakened by the explosion, with some suffering burns while trying to escape.
  • Many injured individuals were initially turned away from the nearest hospital.
  • The Kenyan government has promised financial assistance for those affected.
  • Deputy President Ruto promised an investigation and immediate aid, such as blankets and food, to the victims.
  • The petroleum regulator confirmed the site was used for illegal gas storage and refilling.
  • A criminal investigation into the incident has been opened.

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