Hungarian Prime Minister Announces Parliament to Ratify Sweden’s NATO Membership Amid Political Crisis



In a pivotal development, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced that the country’s parliament is poised to ratify Sweden’s NATO membership later this month. This announcement comes amid Hungary’s status as the last holdout in approving Sweden’s bid, attributed to what Orban’s party claims are baseless accusations by Stockholm of eroding democracy in Hungary. The news emerges against the backdrop of a significant political scandal in Hungary, involving a controversial pardon that led to the resignation of the Hungarian President, sparking widespread protests and calls for accountability from the public.

  • Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced parliament will ratify Sweden’s NATO membership later this month.
  • Hungary has been the final country delaying Sweden’s NATO bid, citing alleged unfounded criticisms from Sweden regarding Hungary’s democratic practices.
  • The announcement occurs amidst a major political scandal in Hungary involving a pardon that has prompted the resignation of the Hungarian President and mass protests.
  • Orban’s government faces significant public backlash, with thousands protesting in Budapest demanding greater accountability and expressing skepticism towards governmental reforms.
  • The scandal involves a pardon related to the cover-up of sexual abuse of children, further complicating Orban’s proclaimed pro-family government stance.
  • Despite high-profile resignations within the government and church, there is widespread public doubt about meaningful change within Orban’s administration.

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