Inspirational Journey: African Woman Embarks on Monumental Motorcycle Ride from Kenya to Nigeria



African adventurer I Joy embarks on a groundbreaking journey, aiming to become the first African woman to ride a motorcycle from Mombasa, Kenya, to Lagos, Nigeria. Recovering from a severe road accident that left her with significant injuries a decade ago, I Joy’s motivation stems from a desire to live life to its fullest and to inspire others across the continent that anything is possible. Her adventure is filled with expectations of overcoming challenges such as wild animals, poor roads, and language barriers, all while updating her followers on social media.

  • I Joy aims to be the first African woman to motorcycle from Mombasa, Kenya, to Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Her journey is inspired by her recovery from severe injuries sustained in a road accident 10 years ago.
  • The adventure will span across East to West Africa, facing challenges like wild animals, bad roads, and language barriers.
  • She looks forward to the adrenaline and challenges along the way, including interactions with locals and border crossings.
  • Mombasa’s motorcycle chapter supports her, highlighting the importance of her journey for inspiring young Africans.
  • I Joy has previously traveled through various means since 2016, including backpacking and traveling in a camper van.
  • The trip is part of a larger goal to explore the world freely and live her dreams, eventually planning a world tour on a motorcycle.
  • Main challenges include navigating through South Sudan due to high costs and securing visas with a Nigerian passport.
  • Despite frustrations with inter-African visa requirements, she is determined to continue her journey.
  • Nigerian bikers and communities in various countries are offering support and planning celebrations for her arrival.
  • After reaching Lagos, I Joy plans to rest before starting a new leg of her journey from Kenya to Morocco with an upgraded motorcycle.

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