WSJ Report Reveals Inside Look at Gaza Tunnel Allegedly Used by Hamas to Hold Hostages

An in-depth exploration of a Gaza tunnel complex by the Wall Street Journal has shed light on the conditions and infrastructure where Israel alleges Hamas kept hostages. The detailed walkthrough reveals a series of underground rooms, believed to be used for both high-ranking Hamas officials and as holding cells for hostages. The presence of new installations, such as metal bars and caged doors, suggests recent use. The features of the compound, including a bathroom with decorative tiles and facilities like a kitchen and bed frames, indicate prolonged habitation. Israeli military officials have not provided current details on the hostages or the whereabouts of Hamas leaders previously associated with the site.

  • Exploration of a tunnel complex in Gaza reveals potential holding cells used by Hamas for hostages.
  • The tunnel contains steps descending approximately 15 meters underground, with signs of recent construction.
  • Features such as a fan, metal bars, and a caged door suggest the area was used to detain individuals.
  • Decorative elements like beach-themed bathroom tiles imply that high-ranking officials may have used the space.
  • The compound includes bed frames and a kitchen, indicating long-term underground living capabilities.
  • Israeli military officials have not confirmed the current location of either the hostages or the Hamas leaders.
  • Typically, by the time Israeli forces uncover these sites, captors and hostages have already vacated the premises.

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