Parents Utilize AI to Revive Voice of Son Lost to School Shooting in Push for Gun Control

The recent video sheds light on the innovative use of AI technology by the parents of Joaquin Oliver, a victim of the Parkland school shooting, to recreate his voice in a campaign for stricter gun control. The AI-generated voices of Joaquin and other children who were killed by gun violence are being used to send messages to elected officials, advocating for change. The technology, provided by ElevenLabs, requires minimal audio samples and has stirred a mix of emotions, including a sense of connection for the grieving families.

  • Joaquin Oliver’s parents utilized AI to recreate his voice for a gun control advocacy campaign.
  • The AI voices of Joaquin and other children who died in gun-related incidents can be used to call elected officials through
  • ElevenLabs’ AI voice generator was used to create the artificial voice from minimal audio recordings.
  • The messages composed for the AI voices are based on the children’s previous social media posts and personal expressions.
  • The campaign openly states that the voices are AI-generated to avoid any potential misuse or confusion.
  • The Olivers emphasize that the use of AI is a tool to help promote their cause and not an attempt to digitally resurrect their son.
  • The technology has also provided comfort to the families by allowing them to hear their loved ones’ voices again.

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