Exploring the Role of AI in Fostering Equality and the Challenges of Regulation at the World Economic Forum



The recent video from DW Business explores the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) as a means to promote equality rather than being a luxury for the well-off. It discusses AI’s role in justice, business regulation, accuracy, and biodiversity, featuring insights from professionals across various sectors. The conversation highlights the importance of making AI benefits accessible globally, leveraging AI for legal aid, regulating AI to ensure it is not detrimental to society, and using blockchain for AI transparency and auditability. Additionally, the video touches on an AI-driven art project designed to preserve biodiversity data.

  • AI’s potential as a tool for equality across geographical locations was emphasized, highlighting the need for universal benefits.
  • Investment and a strong will are essential to ensure AI does not perpetuate existing societal inequalities.
  • Barefoot Law in Uganda has reached almost a million people and aims to reach 50 million by 2030 with the help of AI technology.
  • Regulation of AI should focus on the behavior of companies and individuals, rather than the technology itself.
  • Blockchain is proposed as a solution to AI’s accuracy issues and its tendency to produce fakes.
  • Artist Rafik Anadol introduced an AI installation focused on preserving biodiversity data, showcasing the intersection of AI, art, and environmental consciousness.
  • The Museum of AI Arts, called Dataland, aims to educate and conduct research on AI’s capabilities and impacts.

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