President Biden Urges House to Swiftly Pass $95 Billion Aid Package, Majority Aimed at Ukraine



President Joe Biden has urged the House of Representatives to act with urgency on a significant aid bill following its approval by the US Senate. The $95 billion aid package, with more than half designated for Ukraine, aims to bolster Kiev’s defenses amid ongoing conflict. The bill also includes military support for Israel and Taiwan, with the latter described as a strategic ally. Despite the bill’s advancement, Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson has indicated that the Republican-led House is likely to reject it, citing concerns over border security provisions.

  • The US Senate approved a $95 billion aid package, with a significant portion allocated to Ukraine to support its defense efforts.
  • President Joe Biden urged the House of Representatives to expedite the bill’s passage, warning against letting a minority block the vote.
  • The aid package also includes military support for Israel and Taiwan, aiming to bolster their defenses.
  • Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson has expressed opposition to the bill, particularly over the exclusion of border security measures.
  • Despite bipartisan support in the Senate, the bill faces obstacles in the Republican-majority House of Representatives.
  • The bill’s provisions for Ukraine include funding for weapons, munitions, military training, and intelligence sharing.
  • $14 billion is allocated to support Israel’s air defense systems, and funds are also designated for humanitarian assistance in Gaza and the West Bank.
  • The package addresses support for US allies in the Indo-Pacific, including Taiwan.
  • Controversy over border security has hindered compromise on the bill, with migration becoming a central issue ahead of elections.
  • The White House criticizes the House’s inaction on the bill, stressing the importance of supporting Ukraine against Russia.
  • The Biden Administration maintains a stance on eventually integrating Ukraine into NATO but has set no clear timeline.

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