Cyprus Clears Humanitarian Aid Ship “Open Arms” for Gaza, Establishes New Maritime Corridor



The Open Arms relief vessel, loaded with humanitarian aid for Gaza, has been given clearance to depart from the port of Larnaca, Cyprus, using a new maritime corridor to deliver supplies. A temporary dock is being set up in Gaza to receive the aid, which includes essential items like flour, rice, and protein sources. This initiative is closely monitored by Cypriot officials and overseen by Israeli officials to ensure a smooth delivery directly to Gaza. The effort is deemed as a significant step but not a replacement for traditional land access, which the United Nations insists must be increased to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

  • The Open Arms vessel has been cleared to leave Cyprus for Gaza with humanitarian aid.
  • A new maritime corridor will be used for the delivery, with a temporary dock being prepared in Gaza to receive the supplies.
  • The aid includes hundreds of tons of essential items like flour, rice, and canned tuna.
  • Cypriot officials, using special operations hubs, can monitor the corridor and deploy search and rescue vessels if needed.
  • Israeli officials oversee the checking of goods in Cyprus before departure to ensure direct delivery to Gaza.
  • The United Nations emphasizes that this maritime corridor does not replace the need for land access into Gaza, calling for increased traditional land crossings.
  • The journey from Cyprus to Gaza is about 400 km and is expected to take at least 15 hours, though heavy cargo could extend this.
  • Israel has welcomed the initiative but faces criticism for the perceived lack of humanitarian access to Gaza.

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