Thousands March Across France in Protest Against Far-Right Ahead of Parliamentary Elections


Thousands across France have taken to the streets to protest against the far right, ahead of snap parliamentary elections later this month. The demonstrations, organized by anti-racism groups and French unions, express concerns over Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party potentially forming the first far-right government since World War II. Clashes with police were reported in Lyon, with protests also occurring in cities like Paris, Marseille, Bayonne, Valencia, and plans for more in Lille. Protesters voice fears over immigration policies, threats to press freedoms, women’s rights, and social services, amidst the far-right’s rise in French politics.
  • Thousands of demonstrators across France are protesting the potential rise of the far right in upcoming snap parliamentary elections.
  • Anti-racism groups and unions have joined forces, marching in cities including Paris, Marseille, Bayonne, and Valencia, with significant protests planned in Lille.
  • Concerns highlighted by protesters include the National Rally’s anti-immigration platform, threats to press freedom, women’s rights, and trade unions.
  • Clashes occurred in Lyon, where police confronted protesters with fireworks.
  • The National Rally, led by Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella, has proposed policies that prioritize French citizens for social services and aim to cut immigration significantly.
  • Despite rebranding, critics argue the National Rally’s core ideologies remain unchanged, posing a threat to France’s democratic values.
  • Left-wing parties are negotiating alliances to strengthen their position against the far right, with the center-left Socialist Party and others forming the “Popular Front” to oppose what they describe as the far-right’s “racist project.”
  • The first round of the snap elections is scheduled for the end of the month, putting pressure on parties across the political spectrum to finalize their campaigns and alliances.

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