US Missionary Couple and Haitian Director Killed by Gunmen in Haiti Amid Surge in Gang Violence

Three missionaries, including an American couple, Davey and Natalie Lloyd, were tragically killed by gunmen in Haiti, as reported by FRANCE 24 English. The incident occurred in Port-au-Prince after the victims left a youth program at a local church. The couple was part of a nonprofit organization established by Davey’s parents, focusing on aiding Haitian children. The Haitian director of the mission, Jude Mones, was also among those killed. This violent act has prompted calls for international intervention to address the escalating gang violence in Haiti, with the White House advocating for a multinational force led by Kenya.

  • Davey and Natalie Lloyd, a US missionary couple, and Jude Mones, the Haitian director of their mission, were killed by gang members in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
  • The couple was working for a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting Haitian children, founded in 2000 by Davey’s parents.
  • The attack occurred after the victims left a youth program hosted at a local church, where they were ambushed by gang members.
  • The White House has called for the deployment of a multinational force, led by Kenya, to tackle the surging gang violence in Haiti.
  • Kenyan President William Ruto, during a state visit to Washington, discussed the delayed deployment aimed at restoring order in Haiti.
  • Haiti is currently experiencing extreme gang violence, with gangs controlling approximately 80% of the capital, leading to a severe humanitarian crisis.
  • According to UNICEF, around 4.4 million people in Haiti require urgent food assistance.

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