President Macron Addresses Concerns and Outlines Political Strategy in Press Conference

French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the press, responding to concerns and questions regarding his decision to dissolve parliament amidst fears of the extreme right gaining power. Macron emphasized that two-thirds of French citizens understand and support his decision, highlighting it as a democratic process backed by constitutional power. He reassured that dissolving parliament was aimed at breaking down hypocrisy and misunderstandings, not handing over power to the extreme right. Macron underscored the importance of responding to citizens’ anger and concerns while ensuring the government can act effectively. The president also addressed criticisms and questions about his involvement in the campaign and his stance on various issues, including rural anger, public services, and the national rally’s policies.
  • President Macron defends his decision to dissolve parliament as a democratic and constitutional action.
  • Two-thirds of French citizens understand and support Macron’s decision, according to surveys.
  • Macron aims to address citizens’ anger and concerns through political action and government response.
  • Concerns about the extreme right gaining power are addressed, with Macron reassuring that his decision is not about handing over power.
  • Macron discusses the importance of responding to the political climate, including the rise of the extreme right and citizens’ demands for change.
  • The president addresses various issues, including rural anger, the need for improved public services, and criticism of the national rally’s policies.
  • Macron emphasizes the need for compromise and dialogue in addressing the concerns of French citizens.
  • He also touches on personal criticisms and the role of the president in campaigning and governance.
  • Macron outlines his vision for France, focusing on addressing anger, concerns, and ensuring effective governance.

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