Russian Warships Arrive in Cuban Waters for Military Exercises Amid Heightened Tensions with the US

A fleet of Russian military ships, including a nuclear-powered submarine, has arrived off the coast of Havana, Cuba, to participate in upcoming military exercises. This development coincides with a diplomatic visit by Cuba’s foreign minister to Moscow, where both nations criticized the United States’ stance and sanctions. The arrival of the Russian fleet, amid escalating tensions between Russia and the US, has historical echoes of the Cuban Missile Crisis but has been assessed by a senior US official as posing no direct threat to the US. The ships are expected to remain in the Caribbean through the summer, with plans to visit Venezuela, another ally of Russia.
  • A 21 cannon salute welcomed the Russian military fleet, including a nuclear-powered submarine, to Havana.
  • The fleet’s arrival is in preparation for military exercises in the Caribbean.
  • Cuba’s foreign minister visited Moscow, where both countries criticized the US and NATO’s aggressive posture and sanctions against Russia.
  • Russia reaffirmed its support for Cuba, condemning the US economic, trade, and financial blockade.
  • The visit follows recent tensions between the US and Russia, specifically concerning the authorization of Ukraine to use US weapons on Russian soil.
  • The strategic location of Cuba, close to the US, has historically raised concerns, reminiscent of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • Despite the presence of a nuclear-powered submarine, a senior US official indicated there were no nuclear weapons on board the ships, presenting no direct threat to the US.
  • The Russian fleet is expected to stay in the Caribbean throughout the summer and will also visit Venezuela, highlighting the military cooperation among these allies.

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