UN Security Council Calls for Immediate End to Siege of Sudan’s El Fasher Amid Escalating Humanitarian Crisis

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has demanded an immediate end to the siege of El Fasher in Sudan by RSF paramilitary forces, amid growing global concern over the escalating humanitarian crisis in the region. A rare testimony from a former resident highlights the devastating impact of the conflict, including the destruction of homes and the dire situation for those trapped in the city without access to medical care. Additionally, the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Adena Batu Festival in Ghana are discussed, showcasing the broader spectrum of African news.

  • The UNSC calls for an end to the RSF paramilitary siege of El Fasher in Sudan.
  • A testimony from a former resident describes the severe humanitarian crisis in El Fasher, including bombings and lack of medical care.
  • Fighting between the Sudanese Army and paramilitary forces began last April, leading to numerous humanitarian crises.
  • El Fasher, the final city in Darfur not yet controlled by the RSF, faces a particularly devastating situation.
  • The only hospital in El Fasher has ceased operations, significantly increasing the mortality risk for the injured.
  • The Adena Batu Festival in Ghana celebrates 500 years of history, highlighting the importance of cultural traditions.
  • Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo continues, with at least 42 people killed by armed rebels in the eastern region of Beni.
  • M23 Rebels’ occupation of Bunagana, Congo, marks two years, underscoring the ongoing conflict and challenges in the region.

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