Gazans Hold Somber Eid al-Adha Prayers Amid Ongoing Conflict and Humanitarian Crisis

On the first day of Eid al-Adha, Gazans gathered amid the ruins of destroyed homes in the Jabalia refugee camp to perform prayers, marking a somber tone for the major Muslim festival. The ongoing conflict, now in its ninth month, has dampened the usual festive spirit, with many mourning losses and facing dire humanitarian conditions. The conflict has significantly affected the enclave’s population, displacing many and worsening food and basic supply shortages. Efforts to deliver humanitarian aid have been announced, but a ceasefire, long called for by the international community, remains elusive.

  • Gazans performed Eid al-Adha prayers among the ruins of destroyed homes in the Jabalia refugee camp.
  • The ongoing conflict, which has lasted nine months, has subdued the usual celebrations.
  • Many are mourning the loss of loved ones and facing a worsening humanitarian situation.
  • Food and basic supplies are increasingly scarce, with the fighting displacing most of the enclave’s population.
  • Rine Masran, displaced to a UNRWA-funded school, expresses the loss of safety and security.
  • The Israeli Army announced 11-hour daily pauses in military activity for humanitarian aid delivery, but not a ceasefire.
  • Fighting in Gaza’s southernmost city of Rafah continues, aimed at eradicating remaining Hamas brigades.

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