Over 120,000 Women Reportedly Raped During Tigray War as Rape Used as Weapon of Conflict

A recent report highlights the harrowing use of rape as a weapon of war during the Tigray conflict, revealing the profound and devastating impact on women. The war has left a staggering number of victims, with estimates suggesting that over 12,000 women may have been subjected to sexual violence. Many of these survivors face not only physical injuries but also deep psychological scars. The lack of adequate resources and the fear of stigmatization further compound their suffering, leaving many without the necessary support and medical care.
  • Over 12,000 women are believed to have been raped during the Tigray war, though the actual number may be much higher.
  • Survivors face significant challenges in seeking help due to fear of stigmatization and a lack of resources.
  • 15% of the women assisted by the only public center working with rape survivors in the area are HIV positive.
  • The center lacks the financial and medical resources needed to adequately support the survivors, with many of the necessary medications being unavailable or too expensive.
  • More than 50 women seek help at the center daily, but many more cannot afford to travel there, leaving them to cope with the trauma on their own.

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