Human Rights Advocates Urge Restrictions on Russia’s TOSS-1A Thermobaric Weapons Amid Ukraine Conflict

The recent video sheds light on the use of the TOS-1A thermobaric weapon system, known as the “scorching sun,” by Russia, particularly during the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The TOS-1A, which disperses a flammable aerosol cloud and creates a high-temperature explosion that depletes oxygen, has been deployed against Ukraine, with human rights advocates calling for restrictions on its use. The video explains the mechanism, history, and implications of thermobaric weapons, highlighting the challenges they pose in warfare and their legality under international law.

  • The TOS-1A thermobaric weapon system, also known as “scorching sun,” creates explosions that burn oxygen, potentially causing suffocation.
  • Thermobaric weapons, including TOS-1A, have been used since World War II and are designed to clear troops from trenches and fortified positions.
  • These weapons have two stages: dispersion of a flammable material followed by a secondary detonation, creating prolonged high-pressure effects and potential suffocation.
  • Russia reportedly has about 50 TOS-1A units and uses them for area suppression, firing up to 24 thermobaric warheads in seconds over large areas.
  • Ukraine has destroyed, damaged, or captured several TOS-1A units by targeting them, often using drones.
  • The use of TOS-1A in urban areas is controversial; while not banned by the Geneva Convention, their large impact area raises questions about legality in civilian regions.
  • Russia’s use of TOS-1A in cities has led to calls for accountability, but no actions have been taken as of yet.
  • The video discusses the balance between military necessity and humanity in the use of such weapons under international law.

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