Exploring Military Innovations: Triton Autonomous Vessel, M10 Booker, and More in WSJ’s Latest Series

In the latest episode of WSJ’s Equipped series, the focus is on the Ocean Aero Triton, an innovative autonomous vessel that can operate both on the surface and underwater, designed for stealth and currently used by the U.S. Navy in the Middle East. The Triton is highlighted for its dual modality, capable of evading adversaries with its ability to dive, and is powered by solar panels, allowing for three months of autonomous operation. Its unique features, including the ability to carry various sensors and weapons, position it as a critical asset in modern naval operations, especially in strategic regions like the Middle East where deterring adversaries like Iran is a priority. The episode also touches on the Pentagon’s new initiative to invest in thousands of unmanned systems, underscoring the shift towards more autonomous, versatile military assets.
  • The Ocean Aero Triton is an autonomous vessel capable of surface and submarine operations, designed for stealth and used by the U.S. Navy in the Middle East.
  • Powered by 740 watts of solar panels, the Triton can operate autonomously for three months at a time.
  • It is equipped with at least five cameras and payload areas for various sensors and weapons, enhancing its surveillance and operational capabilities.
  • The Triton’s dual modality allows it to evade detection and capture by adversaries, offering a unique advantage in naval warfare.
  • A new Pentagon initiative aims to purchase thousands of unmanned systems in the coming months, signaling a significant shift towards autonomous military technology.
  • Costing between $2 and $3 million, the Triton is considered a cost-effective solution in the realm of military drones, balancing capability with affordability.
  • Despite its slower speed compared to traditional naval vessels, the Triton’s versatility and stealth capabilities make it a valuable asset for modern naval operations.

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