Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Claims Destruction of Russian Warship, BBC Examines Evidence

Ukrainian forces have reportedly struck a Russian missile boat in the Black Sea according to a video released by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. The footage suggests that the vessel, identified as the same class as the Russian Ivanov warship, was hit by explosive sea drones. While the BBC has conducted an analysis confirming the type of ship based on visible features, the exact identity of the vessel, the timing of the incident, and potential casualties remain unverified. There has been no official confirmation or independent corroboration from the Russian side at the time of the report.

  • The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense claims to have sunk a Russian missile boat in the Black Sea.
  • Social media footage allegedly shows the Russian missile carrier “Ivanov” being struck by several explosive sea drones.
  • Features visible in the video match those of the Ivanov class of ship, according to BBC analysis.
  • The exact identity of the ship and the date of the incident are currently unverified.
  • No casualties have been confirmed, and there has been no official statement from the Russian side.
  • The incident and subsequent developments are subject to ongoing monitoring and updates.

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