Richard PLO’s Matchstick Eiffel Tower Recognized as World’s Tallest after Guinness Reversal

A French model enthusiast, Richard PLO, has officially set the world record for the tallest matchstick structure with his 7.2 meter replica of the Eiffel Tower. Initially, his record attempt was rejected by the Guinness World Records due to the use of non-standard matches, but a successful appeal led to the reversal of the decision. The Guinness World Records acknowledged their mistake and recognized the need to update their understanding of matchstick modeling practices.

  • Richard PLO’s matchstick Eiffel Tower stands at 7.2 meters tall.
  • The Guinness World Records initially rejected PLO’s attempt for using pre-modified matches.
  • An appeal by PLO led to a reversal of the decision, with Guinness accepting the record.
  • The record is not just for the tallest matchstick Eiffel Tower but for matchstick structures of any kind.
  • The previous record holder was a matchstick Eiffel Tower that was approximately 6.5 meters tall.
  • The matchstick Eiffel Tower will be displayed in Paris during the upcoming Olympics.
  • Guinness World Records receives around 40,000 record applications per year across various categories.
  • Evidence for record attempts is typically submitted through videos, photos, and statements rather than in-person verification.

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