Suspect in Clapham Chemical Attack Believed to Have Entered Thames, Body Not Found: Metropolitan Police Update

In a recent update regarding the chemical attack in Clapham, South London, the Metropolitan Police have stated that their main suspect, Abdul Shakur Aidi, is believed to have entered the River Thames and may have died, although no body has been found. Aidi was wanted for attempted murder after a woman and her two children were injured by a corrosive liquid in the attack. Despite extensive CCTV analysis and public assistance, Aidi has not been seen since his appearance on Chelsea Bridge on January 31st, shortly after the attack.

  • The Metropolitan Police’s main hypothesis is that suspect Abdul Shakur Aidi may have died after entering the River Thames.
  • No body has been found; Aidi was last spotted on Chelsea Bridge on January 31st.
  • Aidi is wanted for attempted murder following a chemical attack that injured a woman and two children, potentially leaving the woman blind in one eye.
  • Police have reviewed CCTV footage and collaborated with Transport for London, but have not observed Aidi leaving the bridge.
  • The police are in contact with Aidi’s family to provide information and support.
  • Public assistance and interventions have been acknowledged with gratitude by the authorities.
  • The Marine Support Unit is conducting searches, but the Thames’s fast flow might prevent a body from surfacing, possibly resulting in the body never being found.
  • Aidi had a criminal background, including being on a sex offenders register and having a suspended sentence.
  • He was granted asylum in the UK after converting to Christianity, as confirmed by a priest.
  • The two children injured in the attack have been released from the hospital, while their mother remains sedated and hospitalized.
  • A £20,000 reward was initially offered for information leading to Aidi’s arrest.

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