Deadly Shooting at Moscow Concert Hall: Emergency Services Respond, Misinformation Circulates Online

A deadly shooting took place at a Moscow concert hall, with initial reports indicating that gunmen were still inside the building and concert-goers were trapped. Some individuals reportedly escaped through the basement to the underground lines. The building was partially on fire, with the roof or parts of it collapsed. The BBC verify team has been analyzing social media footage to clarify the events, showing people fleeing amidst gunshots, scenes of panic, a significant fire, and graphic content of gunmen with several casualties.

  • A shooting incident occurred at a concert hall in Moscow, with emergency services still on the scene.
  • There were reports of gunmen inside the building and concert attendees trapped. Some escaped through the basement into the underground lines.
  • Parts of the building were on fire, and there are reports that the roof or parts of it had collapsed.
  • Footage from social media, verified by BBC, shows people fleeing and hiding, gunshots heard, and the building engulfed in flames.
  • Witnesses indicate the shooting started in the foyer, and videos show several casualties and significant fire damage.
  • The US Embassy in Moscow had previously warned to avoid crowded places in the city.
  • Reports also mention another explosion inside the hall and some gunmen barricading themselves inside.
  • The situation is ongoing, and more information will be provided as the story develops.

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