Israeli Military Operation in Rafah Intensifies Despite International Calls for Restraint



In a recent escalation of violence in Rafah, multiple Israeli attacks have reportedly resulted in dozens of casualties, including a significant strike on a displacement camp that drew international criticism. The Israeli military operation continues amid widespread international concern for civilian safety and urgent calls for humanitarian support in Gaza. The situation has prompted statements from global leaders urging respect for international law and the protection of civilians in the conflicted area.

  • Israel has intensified its military operations in Rafah, Gaza, despite international condemnation and orders from the International Court of Justice to halt.
  • The Hamas-run Health Ministry reports at least 21 people were killed in an Israeli strike on a designated humanitarian zone in the al-Ashi camp, south of Gaza.
  • Israeli tanks have been reported in the center of Rafah following a separate strike on a refugee camp that killed 45 Palestinians.
  • Israeli Prime Minister describes the attack on the refugee camp as a “tragic mistake.”
  • UNRA director of planning reports intensified bombardments and confirms Israeli forces have reached central Rafah, with no part of Gaza considered safe from the ongoing conflict.
  • German Chancellor and French President express deep concern over the situation in Rafah, calling for Israel to comply with international law and prioritize civilian protection.
  • The Israeli military claims the strike near a so-called safe zone used minimal munitions and suggests a secondary explosion, possibly from a Hamas weapons depot, may have caused extensive damage and casualties.
  • US President Joe Biden’s red line regarding attacks on populated areas in Rafah appears to have been crossed, with limited response from the United States, highlighting challenges in influencing Israeli military strategy.
  • Political analysts suggest Biden’s potential responses are constrained by political considerations, both domestically and in terms of bilateral relations with Israel, especially ahead of US general elections.

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