Israel Takes Full Control of Gaza-Egypt Border, Intensifies Military Operations in Southern Gaza Amid International Concerns


Israel has announced full control of the Philadelphia Corridor, a strategic area bordering Gaza and Egypt, intensifying military operations in southern Gaza. The Israeli military claims the corridor was used by Hamas to smuggle weapons from Egypt into Gaza. Despite international concerns over rising civilian casualties, especially in Rafa, Israel’s National Security advisor suggests the offensive will continue until the year’s end. This development could strain Israel-Egypt relations, given the historical peace accord and Egypt’s control over the area since 2005.
  • Israel’s military has taken full control of the Philadelphia Corridor, a key buffer zone between Gaza and Egypt.
  • Hamas is accused of using tunnels in the corridor to smuggle weapons from Egypt into Gaza.
  • The Israeli offensive in southern Gaza, particularly Rafa, is set to continue amid international criticism over civilian casualties.
  • Israel’s actions could affect its relationship with Egypt, given the peace treaty and demilitarized zone established by the Camp David Accords.
  • The Israeli military has informed Egypt about the operation, though the Egyptian response remains cautious.
  • Egypt has historically resisted Israeli control over the border region, fearing an influx of Palestinian refugees.
  • Defense analysts criticize the lack of a coherent military strategy by Israel and the absence of a plan for the day after.
  • There is international pressure, especially from the US, for a political solution and concerns about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

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