G7 Leaders Target Russia and Allies, Urge China to Halt Military Support in Draft Declaration



In a significant gathering in Italy, G7 leaders have expressed unified opposition to Russia’s actions in Ukraine and its alliances, particularly pointing towards China’s support through the provision of dual-use materials to Russia. The assembly has voiced a collective commitment to support Ukraine “for as long as it takes,” alongside a controversial proposal to finance a €50 billion loan for Ukraine using the interest from frozen Russian assets. This proposal has elicited a stern response from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who labeled the move as theft. Additionally, the G7’s stance includes a firm rebuke of China’s role in the conflict and its broader actions, including militarization efforts in the South China Sea, while also navigating the complex economic interdependencies with Beijing.

  • The G7 leaders, convening in Italy, are finalizing a declaration targeting Russia and those enabling its military efforts in Ukraine, including China.
  • A draft communique urges China to halt the provision of dual-use materials to Russia, which are utilized in Moscow’s defense sector.
  • G7 nations have pledged enduring support for Ukraine amidst the conflict.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has sharply criticized the G7’s proposal for a €50 billion loan for Ukraine, funded by the interest on frozen Russian assets, calling it theft.
  • Putin warned that the seizure of Russian assets will not go unpunished, hinting at possible legal and retaliatory measures against private investors.
  • Putin proposed a ceasefire in Ukraine, contingent upon Ukraine abandoning NATO membership aspirations and withdrawing troops from territories Russia claims to have annexed.
  • The G7’s draft statement not only addresses the Ukraine issue but also criticizes China for its military actions in the South China Sea and warns of measures against entities supporting Russia’s military.
  • The statement attempts to balance sanctions against China with assurances that the G7 does not aim to thwart China’s economic development, highlighting divisions within the group on dealing with Beijing.

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